Celebrity Chef Rosemary Shrager Bakes Up an Exclusive California Prune Recipe

Published on September 24, 2014

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Exuberant British chef Rosemary Shrager was so inspired by the prunes of California, when she tasted them at the Cake and Bake show earlier in the year that she went back to her Cookery School kitchen in Tunbridge Wells and created a stunning new recipe.

The popular TV chef star will demonstrate the delicious California Prune and Walnut Tart at the next Cake and Bake Show at London’s Earls Court on 3-5 October – to expected crowds of 30,000 keen bakers. Rosemary was a huge hit at the Show in Manchester last March where she sampled her first Californian prune and delighted crowds with her extroverted charm and effortless baking talent. ‘I absolutely love baking at the show. The atmosphere is unique. Bakers are such friendly people and I’ve never been to a show like it! There are constantly happy faces!’ says Rosemary.

The latest in an ever-expanding line of celebrity bakers to produce exclusive recipes for California prunes, Rosemary Shrager joins the BBC’s Great British Bake Off winner Frances Quinn and Artisan Master Chocolatier paul.a.young as the newest California prune ambassador.

“We are delighted to be working with someone as experienced and refined a chef as Rosemary.” says Esther Ritson-Elliott, California Prune Board’s European Marketing Director.  “The versatility and quality of California prunes as a cooking ingredient are second to none, with the rich caramel flavour complimenting both sweet and savoury dishes alike. Traditionally they are enjoyed as a snack, but as the California Prune Board’s repertoire demonstrates, these wrinkled wonder fruits are as delicious in your brownies as they are in your quiches!”

Rosemary’s dish is perfect as an impromptu bake using pantry ingredients “This sort of dish is an all year round dish and it works perfectly as the prunes are a very handy store cupboard product.”  Rosemary was looking for a bake with a difference; a richer flavour and creamy taste, making California prunes the perfect addition; “I was inspired to get away from the ordinary frangipane fruit tart and to make it a more creamy based tart.  I love using these prunes because they are so sweet and the taste is so pure.”

Rosemary’s professional career includes working for Pierre Koffmann at the internationally famous Tante Claire restaurant in London, as well as a period working for Jean-Christophe Novelli and later Head Chef at Amhuinnsuidhe Castle – before hitting the small screen in 2000.  She combined the love of her favourite ingredients into this one dish, saying “when you crumble the walnuts and mix with the sweetness of the prunes, it just works really well together.”


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