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Published on May 8, 2015

Whilst I do not take to diets very easily I was very excited to try this new Diet chef range. If not a little skeptical that I would not be able to stick to such a fixed eating programme. When the rather large box arrived it felt like Christmas. All excited about the contents but also the feeling of dread that when you’re a fussy eater you may not like what’s inside.

The food comes in stay fresh containers, so will easily pop away in the cupboard and no need to find room in the fridge the people at diet chef think of everything, there’s porridge for those work fuelled days, porridge for a Friday when you are feeling a bit adventurous porridge with strawberries ! Very tasty. With either milk or hot water and very filling which is just as well as lunch can feel along way off when you can’t snack on your usual crisps and maltesers! There were breakfasts for on the go. Breakfasts for those times when only chocolate will do (in the form of chocolate granola) and just simply muesli.

Diet Chef 3

Lunch options consisted of lovely wholesome soups like tomato, chicken mulligatawny and parsnip. All really tasty, filling and at around 230 calories a bonus!

Diet Chef 4

You could have a snack in the afternoon too! A little packet of ginger biscuits or a chocolate and fruit brownie bar were often just the thing to get you through till dinner time!

Even at dinner time Diet chef work their magic, so you don’t have to bother weighing and measuring, just pop it in the microwave and hey presto! Pork meatballs which were surprisingly gorgeous, lasagne, Italian pasta and many other options just add a portion of vegetables and you have a lovely filling meal!

Diet Chef 2

Even  if your family are having a  takeaway treat at the weekend there is no need to miss  out, there are lots of different  options available in the range, chicken korma, chicken tikka masala, Rogan josh and other treats you really do feel you are eating as well as the rest of the family or as you usually would but it makes you think twice before you eat, I lost just under 10lb on the Diet Chef plan and I felt more energetic, healthier and most of all it opened my eyes to portion control, and calories. It is so easy to eat biscuits and snack on things without really thinking of the calories that you are consuming. My son is away at university and so with just my husband and I to cater for it is oh so easy to grab a takeaway without the worry of the children’s nutrition to think about but it’s far better to step back and think what you are choosing to eat.

I would recommend the Diet Chef programme to anyone, to re-educate and remind us of the importance of a well balanced diet

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