Orkney scallops with cauliflower textures and black pudding

Published on August 12, 2014


A signature dish from David Ferguson, Executive Chef and Director of Ferguson’s Restaurant Rugby.


  1. 8 Large Orkney Scallops

  2. 1 Cauliflower

  3. 200ml Of Milk

  4. 50ml Chicken Stock

  5. 100g Of Nice Black Pudding

  6. 150g Plain Flour

  7. 100g Cauliflower

  8. 10g Baking Powder

  9. Soda Water

  10. Pea Shoots

Cooking Time

25 mintues


4 People


Prepare your scallops if not already done for you (a good fish monger should do this for you) then place them in the fridge as you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

To start, prepare your cauliflower by taking off the outside leaves then take the core out take four nice peaces of cauliflower.

Cut them with a sharp knife into three nice, thin pieces.

Then take some other florets and cut them down so they are nice and small and will cook fast when we tempura them later.

Put the rest of the cauliflower with your milk and chicken stock and cook on a low heat for 25 mins until nice and soft, try not to boil as it can change the colour.

When it is soft, strain the milk and chicken stock off and keep to one side.

Place the cauliflower in a food processor and blitz, add the milk and stock mix a little at a time to make a puree – you might not need to use all the milk mix.

Once smooth, place in a pan and leave to the side until it is time to serve.

Dice your black pudding into small cubes.

To make your tempura batter, mix together the plain flour and baking powder

Add a little soda water at a time until the mix looks like it will coat your finger.

Take the scallops out of the fridge (I try to take them out five minutes before cooking to take the chill of them.)

In one pan place the cauliflower pieces and start to pan fry in a little oil and butter, remember to season them with salt and pepper

Heat another pan until hot and start to cook your scallops to give them a nice bit of colour. Season them when cooked

When they are cooking put the small pieces of cauliflower in flour the dust them off and place in the tempura mix then into the fryer around 175ºF.

Now season your puree.

Turn your scallops and add the black pudding to the pan, this heats the black pudding up but also give a nice flavour to the scallops.


Final Notes

To plate

Put a swipe of puree on the plate

Add your nice cauliflower pieces then put you scallops on top

Take your cauliflower tempura from the fryer

Season and place round the plate

Add your back pudding cubes

To garnish add a few pea shoots to bring a fresh flavour to the dish and add texture