Sue Gilmours’ Wonderful World of Chocolate

Published on September 8, 2014

Herefordshire business Sue Gilmour Chocolate is celebrating their 2nd birthday this autumn.


The break came after Sue Gilmour  was made redundant. Why not combine her passion for food and the love of her garden as the basis for a completely different career? That’s exactly what she did. She took the opportunity to retrain and  completed a number of intensive courses. Sue loves to grow vegetables,herbs and flowers  and the union of this with her love of chocolate has ensured the perfect marriage. She  utilises the abundance of wonderful local produce and ingredients to create her range of chocolate bars – which has grown to include 12 flavoured bars and 3 single origin un flavoured bars. fabulous,glamorous and exotic names such as Orange Chilli dark chocolate,Tanzanian dark chocolate, Lavender Chocolate bar, & Rose Chocolate to name a few.


The Milk Chocolate with Trumper’s Chai Tea gained a Gold Star in the Great Taste Awards in 2013 and the Salted Lemon Dark Chocolate won the coveted HEFF Diamond Award for Confectionery in 2014.


The newest addition to the range– a 64% Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Bar with Peppermint (already a firm favourite in the Gilmour household!), was available for the first time at Ludlow Food Festival(12th – 14th September)

Sue uses Belgian Chocolate as the base for her bars. Most of the milk and white chocolates used are Fair Trade and the Dark Chocolates from small producers.

Each bar is lovingly hand-made and then carefully covered in foil and a wrapper based on 19th Century Botanical illustrations. “We wanted to make our chocolate bars look and taste delicious, something that can be a personal indulgence or a gift for a loved one”.

A Flavour of Life posed the question:-

What about the taste?

Well our reviewers, in between the ‘mmms’ and the ‘aaahs’ noted

” Spicy, milky & creamy” – Chai Tea(Milk Chocolate)

“Subtle dark chocolate with a hint of lemon” – Salted Lemon dark chocolate

“Very refreshing, a real after dinner chocolate- without the after taste” – Peppermint white chocolate

“Gentle Rose flavour, reminds me of being on holiday” – Rose Chocolate bar

Overall they said that Sue Gilmour chocolates are good quality.

I wouldn’t know – there was nothing left for me to try….



Rosie Palmer

A Flavour of Life